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The Agrochemical Service was first launched in 1977. Since then, it has developed into the leading authoritative source of commercial data and analyses on the crop protection and biotechnology markets. The Service is complemented by the Agrochemical Products Database.

Agrochemical Service | Agrochemical Products Database

The Agrochemical Products Database (APD) provides comprehensive commercial and technical data on almost 600 of the most important active ingredients in the agrochemicals market, including both commercialised products and those in late-stage development.

Structured as a searchable database, the APD provide users with:

  • 5 years historical and 5 years forecast global sales and volume data
  • Product/crop/pest relationships
  • Proprietary and generic manufacturers
  • Brand names
  • Launch dates
  • Application routes and rates
  • Concise commercial commentary on the product

Cropnosis has also developed a Product Analysis module, which provide answers to hundreds of the most frequently asked questions in the industry. Users can generate reports on around 500 different queries on product rankings, identifying the leading products in any given years as well as showing historical and forecast growth rates by active, chemical category and product type.

Both commercial and technical data can be viewed side-by-side, making the APD an essential tool for evaluating company portfolios, the competitive environment and the future evolution of the agrochemical market.

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